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Spectacle Dispensing

If you do require a new pair of spectacles, or just fancy a new look, we're proud to supply a wide range of quality frames and lens options to suit every need or budget.


Ben Brewer, our Dispensing Optician, will analyse your prescription fully and discuss your spectacle requirements before recommending the best lenses for you. This discussion not only takes into account the nature and strength of your prescription, but also more specifically how you normally use your glasses - including, for example, whether you use them at work or for any particular hobbies.


As well as the more basic lenses supplied in many other practices, we also dispense the Rodenstock Impression range of lenses in both single vision and progressive designs. These lenses eliminate much of the aberrations that can give blurred vision when looking anywhere but the dead centre of 'ordinary' lenses - the same effects that can be noticed in a more exagerrated way by removing your glasses and looking through them as you tilt the lenses from side to side.


We will accurately measure not only your facial features, but also how your chosen frames sit in realtion to your eyes. This full dispensing process allows us to dispense Impression lenses to give you sharper vision, across a wider area, than that afforded by more standard designs.


If you wear progressive lenses, the Impression FreeSign progressive design also allow us to not only eliminate as much peripheral distortion as possible, but also tailor-make the lens design to your specific needs - if you need as much intermediate vision for computer work as possible, we can do that; if you'd rather have as wide a reading area as possible, then you can make that choice.


For sports and outdoor activities, we have access to not only the fastest-reacting photochromic lenses on the market, but also photochromic lenses with contrast-enhancing filters in them to, for example, better follow the contours of a golf course, improve your tracking of a high-speed tennis ball, or improve terrain definition when cycling. All of these photochromic options will go darker in bright conditions, to give you the best visual comfort in all situations.


Your chosen lenses can be fitted into a frame chosen from our wide ranges - we carry a variety of designs to suit every taste. From more budget options, to higher-quality titanium and stainless steel designs by well-known designers such as Ted Baker and William Morris for gents, or Laura Ashley and Prodesign for ladies.

Our Dispensing Optician, Ben Brewer, will advise you in choosing the perfect combination of frames and lenses.

We carry an extensive range of the latest frame styles, to suit every taste and budget, including children's and sports pairs.

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