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Eye Examinations

Our adult eye examination appointment is for 30 minutes so please allow adequate time. If spectacles are required, dispensing may take around 30 minutes so please do leave plenty of time - you should be prepared to spend around an hour with us in the practice.


Our optometrist will invite you to describe any symptoms or visual difficulties you might be experiencing, as well as asking about your more general health (including any medications you might be taking).

They will be interested in whether you have any family history of ocular conditions, particularly any glaucoma or macular problems.

It's also useful to know what your visual requirements are in everyday life – do you use a computer a lot, or play any sports regularly?


The health of your eyes and visual system will be examined. This includes a wide range of individual tests:

Starting at the front, your eyelids and surrounding tissues will be checked – here our optometrists can help to identify the cause of any possible dry or gritty eye sensations.

The cornea at the front of the eye will also be examined to ensure it's healthy – the cornea acts as the 'window' on the eye, so it's important that any problems are identified.

Your pressure of the fluid inside your eye will be checked – this is one of the checks that can help to spot glaucoma.

Our optometrist will look at the lens inside your eye, to make sure it's clear and healthy. When cataract develops, it affects this part of the eye and our optometrist can advise you if you show any signs.

The retina at the back of your eye will be checked to make sure that all of the complex tissues there are healthy. This part of the eye examination will also help to detect any sign of a wide variety of ocular issues, from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), to signs of glaucoma, even to some signs of diabetes.


If checking the health of your eyes is one large part of your appointment, the other part you may be familiar with is checking your standard of vision and any prescription you might have. Our optometrist will not only see if you benefit from any prescription in each eye, but will also make sure that both work together properly.

Checking that you're seeing as well as possible with both eyes working together is important to not only make things look clearer, but also to give you good 3D vision and help alleviate any eyestrain or vision-related headaches.


At the end of the examination, your optometrist will discuss the results with you, offer advice on optimising your vision if required with spectacles or contact lenses, explain any relevant eye health matters and answer any questions you may have.


Some of our new patients arrive with existing conditions and prescriptions that they know are complex. Others do not yet require any kind of eyewear. Our current patients range in age from a few weeks to their 90’s.

Whatever your situation may be, we know your eyes are as unique as your finger print. So, during an eye examination we're seeking to find appropriate and comfortable answers to your own eyes' demands.

A full eye examination will help to make sure your eyes are healthy. Volk ophthalmoscopy (pictured) gives a wide, clear view of your retina.

Our optometrists will not only examine your eyes, but make sure you understand their findings, such as your retinal photography (pictured).

Our full examination covers a range of diagnostic tools. Goldmann tonometry (pictured) is the gold standard method for assessing the pressure in your eyes - with no puff of air.