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Corporate Eye Care

Employees have eyecare needs in many different kinds of business. Whether it be spectacles for using a VDU screen, requiring help for driving, or needing presciption safety glasses, we can help you address these needs both thoroughly and cost-effectively - right here in your local area.



Under the 1992 DSE (Display Screen Equipment) regulations, employers are legally obliged to provide an eye test for all employees who use a VDU screen. In addition, employers are also required to provide glasses for those employees who require them solely for VDU use. The HSE estimate this to be 5-10% of all employees.


In 2007, surveys found that more than half (55%) of those who drive as part of their job had no had an eye exam in the past year, while 17% had not been tested for over five years.


To ease the cose to employers of their employees' required eye exams, we'll offer a full and thorough consultation in our practice for a specially reduced rate per test. If any employees require VDU spectacles under the DSE regulations, or glasses for driving, we'll also provide these at a significantly reduced rate.


If you are an employer, whether you already have provision in place for your employees' eye care or not, call us to find out about the costs of our efficient, tailored service.



For employees who wear safety glasses at work and also need  prescription spectacles, prescription safety glasses are not only available, but important to allow them to do their job properly.


Our reduced-rate eye examination will identify any prescription that might be needed, which we'll then dispense in prescription safety glasses that are tailored to their job's requirements. We provide lenses in standard plastic, impact-resistant polycarbonate or chemical-resistant toughened glass as appropriate, plus a range of frames.


Contact us for details on prices for different lens options.